Super-earo’s win the day for Wish and Animalcare

Super-earo’s win the day for Wish and Animalcare

Following a successful pitch, we were delighted to be chosen by York veterinary products company Animalcare to launch an exciting new range of ear care treatments to add to their portfolio of innovative animal health products.

Wish won the business following a three-way pitch and produced an integrated launch campaign based on a team of Super-earo characters. The new campaign works across both digital and more traditional marketing communications channels.

Animalcare has been supplying a wide range of animal health products from idENTICHIP microchips and pharmaceuticals, to pet welfare products and practice equipment, for over 25 years. They support their product range with excellent customer service, including technical and client support materials, as well as product and CPD training for all customers.

Sarah McKenzie, Head of Marketing at Animalcare said of the appointment, “Wish demonstrated a great deal of creativity and have encouraged us to try new channels including social media and digital marketing to launch this important range of products. We are delighted to be working with the team at Wish and look forward to making a real splash with our innovative marketing approach.”

Just a sample of the campaign, from launch to sales literatre

A range of literature created by Wish.

Wish helps children create memories that last a lifetime

Wish helps children create memories that last a lifetime

Circus Starr is a touring circus boasting world-class, professional artists from across the globe. It was first founded in 1987 and provides free seats for thousands of disadvantaged, disabled or vulnerable children, whilst helping to raise much needed funds for local charities.

Part of our corporate policy here at Wish is to support our local and regional community where we can. This is the second year running that we have worked with Circus Starr, who run a 75 venue tour across the UK three times a year.

Through a donated ticket programme to which we contribute, over £1.3 million worth of free tickets are available for children, their families and community groups every year.

We are delighted to be able to bring a bit of magic back into the lives of children coping with difficult circumstances and to support the unique social enterprise that Circus Starr have created which helps to make the world a better place.

Circus Starr works with over 70 charities that have benefitted from additional funding raised by the enterprise and supports various community groups such children’s hospices, Young Carers, Foster homes, Women’s Refuges and SEN schools, all that help support vulnerable children.

A little goes a long way at this circus with a purpose.

To get involved visit


Arctic Friday: Inspiration Hits


Whilst out getting completely drenched halfway into a 10K run on my lunch break, the same week where the clocks went back, we seemed to have been plunged into a constant darkness. It got me thinking; where have my recent sparks of inspiration come from for some of the exciting new projects we’ve been working on?

So, I had a quick ask around the Wish team and here’s our top 5;

  1. Feeding a newborn baby in a dark yet colourful mood-lit room
  2. Jogging along the towpath of a misty canal
  3. Waiting in the showroom to pick up my new car
  4. Watching the hairdresser cut some seriously sharp angles into my hair
  5. We had to mention the toilet sooner or later!

Arctic Friday wouldn’t be complete without our albums of the week, so to follow our list theme and in no particular order, here’s our top 5 albums for this week…

  1. Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory (can you believe this album is 15 years old?! You should have seen the shocked look upon our 20 years old intern’s face when we mentioned this. He was 5 when the album came out – oh how we feel old!)
  2. Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit and Think Sometimes I Just Sit
  3. The Weekend – Beauty Behind The Madness
  4. Nothing But Thieves – Nothing But Thieves
  5. Peace – Happy People

We’re heading off to make more lists now 😉

Celebrating 50 Years of Road Signs


The humble road sign that we all know and love is 50 years old. Created by graphic designer Jock Kinneir and his then assistant Margaret Calvert in 1965 (who later on went on to become his business partner),  were designed to standardise the road network and make road signs easier to read, especially when travelling at speed. The first road signs were erected on Britain’s new motorway system in the 1950s and then introduced across the rest of the roads in the 1960s. Two new typefaces were specifically designed for the project; Transport and Motorway, a refinement of Aksidenz Grotesk, with each letter sized and spaced accordingly to the sign it’s used for. It’s even claimed these typefaces were designed so that people who suffer with dyslexia can still read them without any problems.

We all take these signs for granted without realising the research and thought that went into designing them. Did you know that the girl used on the School Children Crossing sign was illustrated by Margaret Calvert and is actually based on an old photograph of herself as a child? Or did you know that the brown tourist information signs were only introduced in the 1980s?

Over the decades lots of other countries have adopted their style of roadsigns and it’s a great testament to both Kinneir and Calvert that their designs have stood the test of time and are still in use today.


Arctic Friday: All About Colour


October has started out as a very colourful month; with the arrival of autumn and some colourful project research for us. At the beginning of the week we released our October Colours board on Pinterest, inspired by autumn and the golden brown leaves, green dewy grass and deep blue nights that the season brings. Wednesday and Thursday brought us a project that involved some interesting research in which we discovered artist and still life photographer Marcel Christ. Marcel describes his work as ‘still life photography with a twist of chemistry’. His subjects/mediums literally explode in front of your eyes creating mesmerising and intricate photographs that you can’t help but stare at.


And finally, it wouldn’t be Arctic Friday without mentioning the soundtrack to our week, which has included Blossoms and The Bohicas. By complete coincidence both of their album artwork is very bold and colourful, rounding off a busy week filled with colour!


Focus On… Direct Mail


Reports of the death of direct mail are a slight exaggeration. Thankfully though, the days of doormats daily piled high with offers of credit cards, bank accounts, home improvements and insurance are of course long gone.

Rarely any more do we hear people moaning about ‘junk’ mail, now it’s spam that seems to be marketing enemy number one.

The rise of email marketing has obviously contributed to the volumes of direct mail declining declining dramatically in recent years.

And it’s that enormous decline in direct mail volumes alongside the growing sophistication of data manipulation and digital print techniques, that has resulted in a golden opportunity for companies to reap the benefits of utilising direct mail as a powerful marketing tool.

Direct Mail points

It is fairly widely accepted that direct mail achieves an average response rate of around 4.4% whilst for email the figure is on average about 0.12% although email is a fraction of the cost to send. So the real battleground between the two formats isn’t only one of cost, it is, as ever in marketing, all about return on investment or the higher response rates of direct mail vs lower production/send costs of email marketing.

As an agency that develops both direct mail and email campaigns (sometimes both together) for clients we recognise the benefits of both approaches. But nowadays it can often be met with surprise when we propose that clients include direct mail in their campaigns and it really shouldn’t.

Give us a call now on 0113 468 4350 or email us at [email protected] if you’d like to discuss the benefits of using direct mail as part of your marketing strategy.

Arctic Friday: First Editions and New Arrivals


Welcome to our first Arctic Friday post. What’s Arctic Friday you ask? Well, it’s been a long standing tradition here in the Wish offices that every Friday to get us ready for the weekend we play Arctic Monkeys; you could say it’s our 5 o’ clock bell. So now, Friday’s are known as Arctic Friday. These posts will feature a mix of Wish news and anything we love and find inspiring to share with you.

It’s been another busy week here at Wish, we’ve been planning something exciting for Hallowe’en; we can’t tell you what it is just yet, but make sure you keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages and all will be revealed, it’s guaranteed to make your head spin!

Of course when working on our projects we need some good music to listen to and our soundtrack in the studio this week has included the new Foals album “What Went Down” and Ben Howard “I Forget Where We Were” We also love the album artwork to these great albums, they’re very gritty and raw in their designs, resulting in something quite powerful.


Earlier in the week the Wish family grew by one; our senior designer Steve and his family welcomed a baby boy, I’m sure you’re with us in wishing them congratulations!

Ok, we’re heading off now to select our Arctic Friday track, have a great weekend.



Wish Digital – A Google Certified Agency!


Our sister agency, Wish Digital recently entered the Google Partner programme that enables agencies such to take a series of exams and qualify as certified partners. We are absolutely delighted to announce that having past the exams Wish Digital are now Google Adwords, Analytics and Shopping certified experts.

As a Google certified agency, serving Harrogate, Leeds, York and the rest of the UK, Wish Digital are expanding their client base, developing more businesses’ online strategies. This is enabling the team to expand as they bring on more and more Google experts to service their client base.

The Google Partner programme is something they will continue to progress through with an objective of reaching full partner status within the year, so watch this space.

So, if you’re looking for a Google certified agency to build or refine your campaigns, call Chris at Wish Digital today on 0113 468 4350 to discuss your online marketing requirements.

Wish helps to launch new in-vessel composting facility


July saw the Wish team in Hull supporting East-Riding based Wastewise with the launch of their new state of the art In-Vessel Composting facility in Willerby.

Opened by Lord Haskins the £4.5m facility, will help address the shortage of waste treatment facilities in the area and mean that a large percentage of the area’s waste will now be managed locally, assisting the region in meeting its recycling targets.

Over a hundred guests joined Lord Haskins and Wastewise management at the opening event, including representatives from local businesses, funding organisations, local authorities and children from Willerby Carr Lane Primary school.

Wish provided event and PR support, reaching out to local and regional media as well as national trade titles. Turning brown bin waste into usable compost has to be a win win for everyone and great to know that when we mow, prune and cut down, it will all eventually end up back, if not in our own garden, then in someone else’s.

Wish Launch LC Vehicle Website

LCVHire Webpage - Mac

LC Vehicle Hire approached Wish Agency with a detailed and challenging brief to position them as the leading commercial vehicle hire provider in the industry. A critical factor in this was to create a brand new website to enhance their online position.

Since the website launched in December they have seen a huge uplift in vehicle enquiries on both the hire and sales side of the business, as well as people involving themselves with the LC Vehicle Hire brand via their social media platforms.

LCVHire Webpage - IPad IPhone


“Our aim was to create a website that was the best possible online experience and through the hard work and dedication from the Wish team we have achieved this. Since its launch we have seen a huge uplift in enquiries as well as people engaging with the LC Vehicle Hire brand via our social media platforms which is great to see” CM, Managing Director


LCVH Photos