Business Development

Business Development

Ahhh, Business Development.

There is little more important in the world of business than recruiting new customers and keeping existing ones. And it’s finding new customers that’s one of the hardest things any company has to do. Business development is tough, but whether you’re needing to generate leads, direct sales or appointments for a hungry salesforce, Wish can help make it a little less tough. From identifying who and where your prospects are to sending them engaging and persuasive communications and following up to generate that sale, lead or appointment, Wish understand what’s needed for a successful business development programme.

Designed around a 7 step process Wish have developed, many brands have transformed their business development strategy and more importantly their results.

It is said that, on average, you need to speak to a prospect up to nine times in an 18 month period before they will buy from you – Wish can help you shorten that timeline.

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